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Wake Forest Advantage Program

To provide an early and trusted connection between international students and admissions officers whereby students demonstrate their preparedness to thrive at U.S. colleges and universities.

In order to meet the preparation needs of international students and the recruiting and validating needs of admissions officers, the WFA program provides an on-the-ground curriculum for students and a powerful web portal for admissions officers.

SHS Students working
On-the-ground Curriculum
Wake Forest Advantage teachers administer a supplemental curriculum in students’ schools or home cities. The curriculum addresses four core areas for improvement:

  1. Academic Discourse and Communication
  2. Academic Research and Inquiry
  3. Exploring US College and University Culture
  4. Refining Individual Learning Strategies


Web Portal_UpdatedPowerful Web Portal
The WFA web portal serves as both a verification tool and a recruitment platform.
During the course of the WFA program, students complete the following:

  1. Student-produced digital portfolio (5 mins)
  2. WFA interview (5 mins)
  3. Timed Writing Sample (45 mins)

Student videos and writing sample will be uploaded each year in August, providing admissions officers the time and ability to “see” students before travel and reading season.

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